Discuss: Jake’s Take on Wrapping up the 2016 Wisconsin Film Festival

Discuss: Wisconsin Film Festival Jake Smith reflects briefly on the films he saw in the second half of the 2016 Wisconsin Film Festival, including a pair of pictures with Ingrid Bergman and the newest from Whit Stillman. As is so often the case with the second half of the Festival, my reach exceeds my grasp when […]

Review: LOVE & PEACE at Wisconsin Film Festival, Fri Apr 15 and Sun Apr 17

Review: Wisconsin Film Festival Love & Peace | Sion Sono | Japan | 2015 | 117 minutes UW Union South Marquee, Friday, April 15 at 3:45pm» Sundance Cinemas, Sunday, April 17 at 3:45pm» Jake Smith takes a look at Love & Peace and finds it to be a pleasant intersection of the crazy with the conventional. The […]

Missed Madison: KILO TWO BRAVO on Amazon Video

Missed Madison Film Festival Kilo Two Bravo | Paul Katis | UK, Jordan | 2014 | 108 minutes Netflix | Amazon Video | GoWatchIt In a true story of the war in Afghanistan, Jake Smith finds a director worth watching and a film that renders the horrors of war with terrifying efficacy. A British soldier in Afghanistan receives a birthday […]

Missed Madison: Johnnie To’s OFFICE

Missed Madison Film Festival Office | Johnnie To | China, Hong Kong | 2015 | 119 minutes Queue at GoWatchIt for availability updates» Jake Smith looks at Johnnie To’s latest and finds a brilliant film that has distinctive reasons for being part of this week’s Missed Madison Fest. At the start of any film from Johnnie To’s production […]