007 Days of 007: LICENCE TO KILL (1989)

Jake’s Take: One Image from Licence to Kill (John Glen, 1989) A tasteless joke heralds tragedy for Bond’s best friend, turning Bond into a rogue agent. “In my business, you prepare for the unexpected.” While the Daniel Craig films aren’t particularly jokey, there is an increasingly consistent joke about them: Craig’s Bond goes rogue all the time, along with almost […]

007 Days of 007: THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS (1987)

Jake’s Take: One Image from The Living Daylights (John Glen, 1987) The Arrival of Timothy Dalton and the “Back-to-Fleming” Approach “I only kill professionals.” When all else fails, or you’re uncertain of your direction, go back to Ian Fleming. Fleming provided the initial inspiration. He did so again when Craig walked in the door. And in […]

007 Days of 007: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY (1981)

Jake’s Take: One Image from For Your Eyes Only (John Glen, 1981) An image of Roger Moore at what was perhaps his most vicious. “He had no head for heights.” This frame is from one of my favorite scenes in all of Roger Moore’s films. Bond has shot the henchman Locque (Michael Gothard), and Locque’s car […]