Review: PARTICLE FEVER @ Wisconsin Film Fest, Apr 5 & 6

Particle Fever (Mark Levinson, USA, 2013, 99 min) Wisconsin Film Festival, Saturday April 5 at 11:00am & Sunday April 6 at 3:15pm» “Fever” is perfectly used in the title. From talking to the people in my life, who are not all scientists, I’ve learned that the Higgs Particle has been hot news since its proposed […]

Review: LOLA @ Wisconsin Film Fest, Apr 4 & 8

Lola (Jacques Demy, France, 1961, 90 min) Wisconsin Film Festival, Friday April 4, 12:15pm & Tuesday April 8, 5pm» Lola deviates from the normal into the unreal. It starts with one man sulking about his boring existence and ends two days later with every character’s life significantly altered. Throughout the film the characters continuously cross […]

Review: CAIRO DRIVE @ Wisconsin Film Fest, Apr 8 & 9

Cairo Drive (Sherief Elkatsha, Egypt, 2013, 77 min) Wisconsin Film Festival, April 8, 6:30pm & April 9, 3:45pm» Cairo Drive captures the streets of Cairo, Egypt from 2009, before the first Egyptian revolution, to 2012, around the first presidential election. This documentary is the third by Sherief Elkatsha, whose previous work similarly focused on Egyptian […]

The Big Docs at the 2014 Wisconsin Film Festival

Documentaries! The Wisconsin Film Festival will showcase documentaries with subjects that range from films about scientific discoveries, to small town problems, to inspirational stories of surprising heroes. Here is a quick survey of some highly anticipated docs plus the ones that peaked my personal interest. Manakamana (Stephanie Spray, Pacho Velez)» In Nepal, filmmakers Stephanie Spray […]

Review: WADJDA @Sundance starting Fri Feb 28

Wadjda (Haifaa Al-Mansour, Saudi Arabia, 2013, 98 min) Sundance Cinemas Screening Room, One week starting Fri Feb 28» Wadjda is a ten-year-old Saudi Arabian girl who is told that respectable women do not ride bicycles. However, she has no interest in being a respectable woman, so she does everything in her power to get a bike. Wadjda […]

Review: TONY MANERO @CTEK Sat Feb 22, 4pm

Tony Manero (Pablo Larrain, Chile, 2008, 98 min) UW Cinematheque, Sat Feb 22, 4pm» Raul, a 50 year-old man, is obsessed with Saturday Night Fever (1977). His life revolves around this film and becoming John Travolta. When a local TV show announces a contest to find the Chilean Tony Manero, Raul finally sees the opportunity to elevate […]

Hitchcock Week: NOTORIOUS (1946)

Hitchcock Week: Part Three of Five This week the Madison Film Forum will present reflections on the next five films in the UW Cinematheque’s Hitchcock Masterworks series. These are not intended as reviews for readers who have not seen the films. We hope they will serve as the start of a conversation with those who have […]

Review: AFTERSHOCK @CTEK Sat Feb 8, 9pm

Aftershock (Nicolás López, USA/Chile, 2012, 89 min) UW Cinematheque, Sat Feb 8, 9:00pm» Aftershock, directed by Nicolas Lopez and written by Lopez and Eli Roth, follows a group of tourists in Chile whose partying is rudely interrupted by an devastating earthquake. The film is like many other horror films where tourists in an exotic city, hoping to get […]

Review: THE ACT OF KILLING @MRQE Thu Jan 30 & Fri Jan 31

The Act of Killing (Joshua Oppenheimer & Christine Cynn, Denmark/Norway, 2013, 115 min) Union South Marquee Theater Thu Jan 30 @ 9:30pm; Fri Jan 31 @ 6:00pm» Joshua Oppenheimer’s The Act of Killing is a documentary about the members of an Indonesian death squad, the paramilitary group called Pemuda Pancasila, who are given the opportunity […]