December 14, 2018

Quick streaming and local rental recommendations from Madison Film Forum, guest curators, and readers.

Streaming Quick Picks: David Cronenberg

September 22, 2014 Jake Smith

Streaming Quick Picks: David Cronenberg For more than 40 years, David Cronenberg has stimulated, provoked, shocked, and terrified us. With UW Cinematheque’s “3 from Cronenberg” series starting this Thursday, it seems only right that this […]

Streaming Quick Picks: William Friedkin

September 7, 2014 James Kreul

Streaming Quick Picks: William Friedkin On Friday, September 12, the UW Cinematheque begins its six weeks long series of films directed by William Friedkin, starting with the Oscar-winning The French Connection (1971). Friedkin’s career has had its […]

Streaming Quick Picks: Kelly Reichardt

September 2, 2014 Jake Smith

Streaming Quick Picks: Kelly Reichardt Unlike previous installments of our Artist of the Week feature, all of which have had more than 10 films available for streaming, this week’s spotlight is on a filmmaker far less prolific. When […]

Streaming Quick Picks: Luc Besson

August 18, 2014 Jake Smith

Streaming Quick Picks: Luc Besson The next installment of our new Artist of the Week feature ties into this week’s Madfilm Meetup tomorrow, Luc Besson’s Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson, at Marcus Point Cinema. Fortunately, most of Besson’s […]

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