Lessons From Chicago: Northwest Chicago Film Society on Film Exhibition

It is astonishing to realize that, in a little over five years, 35mm film has gone from a widely-supported exhibition format to the sole province of non-theatrical venues: public libraries like Northbrook, college-affiliated groups like Doc Films at the University of Chicago and Block Cinema at Northwestern, and oddball hybrids like the Brew & View. […]

Micro-Wave Cinema Series Begins Sun Jan 19

On Sunday, January 19, 7PM at 4070 Vilas Hall, the Micro-Wave Cinema Series will host its debut screening. They will showcase a double-feature of films written and directed by Zach Weintraub The International Sign for Choking (2011) and You Make Me Feel So Young (2013). The folks at the Micro-Wave Cinema series explain their goals […]

Alternative Screening Calendar: April 6 – 12

Click Here For This Week’s Alternative Screening Calendar» It is far too hard to keep track of upcoming one-off screenings or limited runs that last less than a week in Madison. Well, we here at the Madison Film Forum have addressed that issue with our new Alternative Screening Calendar. When you click on Calendar in the navigation bar, you […]