Missed Madison: Cronenberg’s MAPS TO THE STARS at Central Library, Thu Feb 4, 6:30pm

Missed Madison Film Festival Maps to the Stars | David Cronenberg | Canada, Germany, France, United States | 2014 | 111 minutes Four Star | Madison Public Library | GoWatchIt Maps to the Stars receives its only physical screening in Madison as part of the Cinesthesia series at the Central Library (Room 302), Thursday, February 4 […]

Missed Madison: EXPERIMENTER at Four Star, Netflix

Missed Madison Film Festival Experimenter | Michael Almereyda | USA | 2015 | 90 minutes Four Star | Madison Public Library | Netflix | GoWatchIt Michael Almereyda (Nadja, Hamlet) returns with a stylistically playful biopic of experimental psychologist Stanley Milgram. Craig Johnson concludes that Experimenter is a fascinating story cleverly told. When a movie character looks into […]

Missed Madison: India’s Academy Award Submission, COURT

Missed Madison Film Festival Court | Chaitanya Tamhane | India | 2014 | 116 minutes Madison Public Library | GoWatchIt A man is caught in the middle as rational logic and social prejudices clash in Chaitanya Tamhane’s Court. James Kreul looks at India’s Academy Award submission, which provides keen-eyed deadpan commentary on India’s criminal justice system. Regular Madison Film Forum […]

Missed Madison: Long Night, Long Take in VICTORIA

Missed Madison Film Festival Victoria | Sebastian Schipper | Germany | 2015 | 138 minutes Four Star | Madison Public Library | Netflix | GoWatchIt Erik Oliver contemplates the contemporary long take and its audacious use in Sebastian Schipper’s Victoria. On a visceral level, the long-take is irresistible. There’s something about watching a shot continue on […]

Missed Madison: Only THE FOOL Stands Up Against Russian Corruption

Missed Madison Film Festival The Fool | Yuriy Bykov | Russia | 2014 | 116 minutes Madison Public Library | GoWatchIt The Fool was a late addition to the lineup this week, suggested by everyone’s favorite Madison cineaste, Larry Hamlin, who had had put the film on his own 2015 to-see list. Thanks to Larry, I […]

Missed Madison: Peter Greenaway’s EISENSTEIN IN GUANAJUATO

Missed Madison Film Festival Eisenstein in Guanajuato | Peter Greenaway | UK, Netherlands | 2015 Four Star |  Madison Public Library | Netflix | GoWatchIt Chris Lay suggests that Eisenstein in Guanajuato is not for the queasy, or for those unfamiliar with the cinema of Peter Greenaway. So far in the Missed Madison Film Fest, […]

Missed Madison: Sweet Handjobs, Sentimental Sexuality in Gaspar Noé’s LOVE

Missed Madison Film Festival Love | Gaspar Noé | France | 2015 | 135 minutes Netflix | GoWatchIt Emily Caulfield argues that Gaspar Noé’s latest provocation is just as messy and alive as anyone in love in their twenties. Gaspar Noé’s Love is just like life: exhilarating, sad, weird, sentimental, and full of dicks. It’s […]

Missed Madison: Ukrainian Deaf-Mute Drama THE TRIBE

Missed Madison Film Festival The Tribe | Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy | Ukraine | 2014 | 90 minutes Madison Public Library |  Netflix |  GoWatchIt This Ukranian drama was off of James Kreul’s radar before he noticed it appearing frequently on Best of 2015 lists. Set in a boarding school for deaf-mutes, The Tribe is far from a […]

Missed Madison: BUZZARD at Four Star, Amazon Prime

Missed Madison Film Festival Buzzard | Joel Potrykus | USA | 2014 | 98 minutes Four Star | Madison Public Library | Amazon Prime | GoWatchIt Buzzard follows the pathetic Marty (Joshua Burge), a bank intern who spends his time pulling small scale scams. His latest and biggest scam leads to waves of paranoia that causes him […]

Missed Madison: CHRISTMAS, AGAIN at Amazon Prime, Fandor

Missed Madison Film Festival Christmas, Again | Charles Poekel | USA | 2014 | 80 minutes Amazon Prime | Fandor | GoWatchIt Chris Lay looks at Charles Poekel’s debut feature, a nominee for the John Cassavetes Award at this year’s Independent Spirit Awards, and suggests it is not as saccharine sweet as you might expect […]