Missed Madison: Johnnie To’s OFFICE

Missed Madison Film Festival Office | Johnnie To | China, Hong Kong | 2015 | 119 minutes Queue at GoWatchIt for availability updates» Jake Smith looks at Johnnie To’s latest and finds a brilliant film that has distinctive reasons for being part of this week’s Missed Madison Fest. At the start of any film from Johnnie To’s production […]

Missed Madison: HARD TO BE A GOD at Four Star, Netflix, Fandor

Missed Madison Film Festival Hard to Be a God | Aleksei German | Russia | 2013 | 170 minutes Four Star | Netflix | Fandor | GoWatchIt James Kreul argues for more “hard films” in Madison as he discusses the last film from an often overlooked Russian filmmaker, the late Aleksei German. If I were to […]

Missed Madison: BONE TOMAHAWK at Four Star, Amazon Prime

Missed Madison Film Festival Bone Tomahawk | S. Craig Zahler | USA | 2015 | 132 minutes Four Star | Madison Public Library | Amazon Prime | GoWatchIt Guest critic Chris Lay prepares you for the Brothers Grim level twistedness of Bone Tomahawk, a western that alternates between strong character work and even stronger grisly violence. […]

Stream: THE FORBIDDEN ROOM Now Streaming on Fandor

Review: One Night Only The Forbidden Room | Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson | Canada | 2015 | 119 minutes UW Cinematheque, 4070 Vilas Hall, Saturday, December 12, 7:00pm» Now Streaming: Fandor | Netflix Guy Maddin deconstructs film language and narrative tropes in his latest phantasmagoria co-directed with Evan Johnson. Edwanike Harbour concludes that The Forbidden Room is […]

Review: CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY–Now Streaming on Fandor

Review: On Demand Streaming Crimes Against Humanity | Jerzy Rose | USA | 2014 | 77 min Now Streaming on Fandor» If you missed Crimes Against Humanity at the 2014 Wisconsin Film Festival (and you probably did, it screened during the first Wisconsin vs. Kentucky Final Four matchup), now is a good time to catch up with […]

Missed Madison Review: MOMMY–Watch Streaming, DVD, Blu-Ray

Review: Missed Madison Mommy | Xavier Dolan | Canada | 2014 | 140 min Amazon Instant | GoWatchIt | Four Star | Madison Public Library Xavier Dolan’s fifth film shows that he is a talented young filmmaker. The Jury Prize Winner at Cannes Film Festival (2014), Mommy is a startling look at a troubled mother/son relationship. Emotionally engaging, […]

Missed Madison Review: THE TWO FACES OF JANUARY–Watch Now Streaming, DVD, Blu-Ray

Missed Madison: Now Streaming The Two Faces of January | Hossein Amini | UK/France/USA | 2014 | 96 min Amazon Instant | Netflix | GoWatchIt | Four Star | Madison Public Library Despite its pedigree and promise of intrigue, this “Missed Madison” selection disappoints more than it entertains. While it has an enjoyable score and a stylish look, this […]


Welles Week: Part Three of Five Mr. Arkadin—The Comprehensive Version | Orson Welles | 1955, new edit 2006 | Spain, France | 106 min Confidential Report will screen at the UW Cinematheque, 4070 Vilas Hall, on Saturday, Feburary 21 at 7:00pm» Jay Antani from CinemaWriter.com looks at the “cinema equivalent of a down-and-out scamp with an […]