December 14, 2018

Be sure to catch One Night Only films on the one night they will play publicly on the big screen in Madison.

Review: BELLADONNA OF SADNESS @ CTEK, Sat Sep 3, 7:00pm

September 1, 2016 James Kreul

Mushi Productions’ Belladonna of Sadness pushes to extremes the tension between motion and stillness often found in Japanese animation (“anime”) to great aesthetic effect. James Kreul argues that despite a decidedly 1970s male-fantasy (and a little rapey) take on sex and power, the film delivers a uniquely rich and textured visual experience. […]

Review: ANY NUMBER CAN WIN at CTEK, Wed Jun 22, 7:00pm

June 19, 2016 James Kreul

The UW Cinematheque kicks off its Summer 2016 programming and a “French Tough Guys” series with Henri Verneuil’s 1963 heist film, Any Number Can Win. James Kreul argues that while its breezy plot and abundant star power (Jean Gabin, Alain Delon) provide entertaining relief from current summer blockbuster fare, don’t expect much more than a well-executed genre film. […]

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