August 20, 2017

The Hot Rock

USA | 1972 | 35mm | 105 min.
Director: Peter Yates
Cast: Robert Redford, George Segal, Zero Mostel
The only occasionally inept criminal mastermind John Dortmunder (Redford) recruits his pals Kelp (Segal), Murch (Ron Leibman) and Greenberg (Paul Sand) for the heist of one of the world’s largest diamonds. Things become complicated when Greenberg’s father (Mostel) learns of the gang’s plans. The first of author Donald Westake’s 14 hilarious Dortmunder novels, The Hot Rock was also the first to be adapted for the big screen (here by acclaimed writer William Goldman). This unheralded 70s gem features great NYC locations, deft direction by British journeyman Yates (Bullitt, The Friends of Eddie Coyle) and an authentic jazz score by Quincy Jones.