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2018 Wisconsin Film Festival venues confirmed

Shannon Hall in Memorial Union returns to the Festival on Opening Night, replacing the Barrymore Theater

The Wisconsin Film Festival Newsreel confirmed some important dates and listed the venue lineup for the 20th edition of the Festival.

Opening night activities will include an event in Shannon Hall (formerly the Wisconsin Union Theater) where the first Wisconsin Film Festival feature film, Man of the Century, was screened in 1999. It’s been a while since Shannon Hall has been in the mix, and the 2018 venue lineup is as campus centered as it has been since 1999.

The Festival will move away from the Barrymore Theater, where the Opening Night festivities have been held past two years. This makes the Chazen Museum and Vilas Hall the easternmost venues for 2018.

The 2018 Wisconsin Film Festival venues include: Shannon Hall (Memorial Union), Chazen Museum of Art, 4070 Vilas Hall, Marquee Theater (Union South), and AMC Dine-In Madison 6 (3 screens).

Important dates to mark on your calendar:

Film Guide published: Thursday, March 8

First day of ticket sales: Saturday, March 10

20th Annual Wisconsin Film Festival: Thursday, April 5 through Thursday, April 12

Update: A link to the Wisconsin Film Festival Newsreel has been added, and venue list has been updated to confirm 3 screens at AMC Dine-In Madison 6.

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