Review: UNCERTAIN TERMS at Micro-Wave (4070 Vilas), Sun Apr 26, 7pm

Review: One Night Only Uncertain Terms | Nathan Silver | USA | 2014 | 75 min Micro-Wave Cinema Series, 4070 Vilas Hall, Sunday, April 26, 7pm» To those of you who enjoyed Stinking Heaven at the Wisconsin Film Festival a couple of weeks ago, you now have another chance to catch a film by Nathan Silver […]

Review: BUTTER ON THE LATCH at Micro-Wave (4070 Vilas), Sun Feb 8, 7pm

Review: One Night Only Butter on the Latch | Josephine Decker | USA | 2013 | 70 min Micro-Wave Cinema Series, 4070 Vilas Hall, Sunday, February 8, 7pm» There is a moment in Butter on the Latch where someone is beating on a drum slowly, and the camera is close in on the drum itself. Each […]

Reviews: THE UNKNOWN KNOWN and A MOST WANTED MAN at WUD Mini Indie Film Festival

Reviews: One Screening Only The Unknown Known (Errol Morris, USA, 2013, 103 min) WUD Film Mini-Indie Fest, Union South Marquee Theater, Saturday, November 22, 9:00pm» A Most Wanted Man (Anton Corbijn, UK/USA/Germany, 2014, 122 min) WUD Film Mini-Indie Fest, Union South Marquee Theater, Sunday, November 23, 1:00pm» As part of the excellently programmed WUD Indie Festival this […]

Review: Alec Guinness Double Feature @ CTEK Sat Sep 6, 7:00pm

Alec Guinness Centennial Series at the UW Cinematheque Opening night comedy double feature reviewed by Jake Smith and James Kreul After the opening night premiere of Kelly Reichardt’s Night Moves (reviewed here), the UW Cinematheque begins its Alec Guinness Centennial series on Saturday, September 6 with a double feature of two classic comedies, following up on […]

Review: VIOLENT SATURDAY @CTEK, Sat May 3, 7pm

Violent Saturday (Richard Fleischer, 1955, 91 min) UW Cinematheque, Saturday, May 3, 7:00pm» If you’re going to screen a film with this title, shouldn’t it be on a Saturday? UW-Cinematheque thinks so, obliging us as they so often do with a 35mm print of Violent Saturday, a film that begins with a boom, albeit a […]

Eight Is Never Enough: The Weekend After #wifilmfest

For eight days out of the year, Madison plays host to a barrage of diverse and stimulating films, but those films don’t just end when the Wisconsin Film Festival does. Lucky for us, rare is the day when you can’t find a good movie playing somewhere in this town, and some of the festival’s themes […]

Jake’s Take: Wisconsin Film Festival at the Halfway Point

Unlike my partner in crime Jim, I haven’t had the chance to put together daily dispatches on the festival thus far, unfortunately. Now that we’re four days in, I wanted to share some thoughts on the films I’ve seen to date. These are initial reactions more than formal reviews, with little in the way of […]

Capsule Reviews: Festival Short Takes from Jim and Jake

Yes, I know what I said at the beginning of our Wisconsin Film Festival coverage about capsule reviews. We followed through on that pledge with some roomy discussions of seven feature films or programs (and a few more to come), many of which will not get similar coverage in the local print media. But now […]

Review: JODIE MACK: LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE @ Wisconsin Film Fest, Apr 6, 7:00 PM

Jodie Mack: Let Your Light Shine (Jodie Mack, 2013, 74 min) Wisconsin Film Festival, Sunday April 6, 7:00pm»     Running my fingers along the foil stamping of a hardcover book. The colorful glint of a prism refracting light through its smooth surface. The captivation at the images within a kaleidoscope. The touch of matte and […]

Streaming before #wifilmfest: Other Films by Festival Directors, Part 2

The Madison Film Forum is committed to providing you with opportunities to stream interesting movies and provide a wider context around the area’s theatrical screenings. With an eye toward this year’s Wisconsin Film Festival, we thought we would provide a resource whereby you would have “one-stop shopping” to look at other films by directors whose films […]