Review: UNCERTAIN TERMS at Micro-Wave (4070 Vilas), Sun Apr 26, 7pm

Review: One Night Only Uncertain Terms | Nathan Silver | USA | 2014 | 75 min Micro-Wave Cinema Series, 4070 Vilas Hall, Sunday, April 26, 7pm» To those of you who enjoyed Stinking Heaven at the Wisconsin Film Festival a couple of weeks ago, you now have another chance to catch a film by Nathan Silver […]

Review: BUTTER ON THE LATCH at Micro-Wave (4070 Vilas), Sun Feb 8, 7pm

Review: One Night Only Butter on the Latch | Josephine Decker | USA | 2013 | 70 min Micro-Wave Cinema Series, 4070 Vilas Hall, Sunday, February 8, 7pm» There is a moment in Butter on the Latch where someone is beating on a drum slowly, and the camera is close in on the drum itself. Each […]

Review: HAWAIIAN PUNCH at Micro-Wave (4070 Vilas), Sun Oct 12, 7pm

Hawaiian Punch (Nandan Rao, 2013, USA, 68 min) Micro-Wave Cinema Series, 4070 Vilas Hall, Sunday, October 12, 7pm»   Anyone who has read my reviews on this website can probably tell that I enjoy genre films. I enjoy formulae that are well executed, as well as variations thereof. Sometimes, though, I also enjoy being dropped into […]

Review: BLACK BOX at Micro-Wave (4070 Vilas), Sun Sep 14, 7:00pm

Review: One Night Only Black Box (Stephen Cone, USA, 2013, 84 min) Micro-Wave Cinema Series, Sunday, September 14, 4070 Vilas Hall, 7:00pm» I certainly could have been more prompt in getting this review out, rather than waiting until the day of the screening. But one nice thing about waiting is that I can call your attention […]

Fall is Coming: Calendar Updates from CTEK, Sundance Classics, and Micro-Wave

UW Cinematheque, Sundance Cinemas, and Micro-Wave Release New Calendars Keep checking our Alternative Screening Calendar for updates Follow us on Twitter (@MadFilmForum) to receive Tweet reminders for all Alternative Screening Calendar events Both the UW Cinematheque and Sundance Cinemas have recently updated their repertory schedules, and the Micro-Wave Cinema Series has announced its lineup of […]

Sneaky Auteurism: Interview with Brandon Colvin, Micro-Wave Cinema

While our Wisconsin Film Festival coverage is in full swing, we will continue to cover Madison’s many other film offerings. The Micro-Wave Cinema Series, run by Brandon Colvin, is perhaps one of the lesser known and more eclectic offerings. The series’ Facebook page, which provides information, reviews, and scheduling, states the mission of the series […]

Review: EXIT ELENA/SOFT IN THE HEAD @4070 Vilas Hall, Sun Feb 23, 7pm

Exit Elena (Nathan Silver, 2012, 72 min) Soft in the Head (Nathan Silver, 2013, 71 min) 4070 Vilas Hall, Sun Feb 23, 7pm»     During this time of year, conventional wisdom holds that screens are mostly populated by two types of films: holdovers from the previous year (generally Oscar bait), and movies of decidedly […]

Micro-Wave Cinema Series Begins Sun Jan 19

On Sunday, January 19, 7PM at 4070 Vilas Hall, the Micro-Wave Cinema Series will host its debut screening. They will showcase a double-feature of films written and directed by Zach Weintraub The International Sign for Choking (2011) and You Make Me Feel So Young (2013). The folks at the Micro-Wave Cinema series explain their goals […]

Alternative Screening Calendar: April 6 – 12

Click Here For This Week’s Alternative Screening Calendar» It is far too hard to keep track of upcoming one-off screenings or limited runs that last less than a week in Madison. Well, we here at the Madison Film Forum have addressed that issue with our new Alternative Screening Calendar. When you click on Calendar in the navigation bar, you […]