Missed Madison: KILO TWO BRAVO on Amazon Video

Missed Madison Film Festival Kilo Two Bravo | Paul Katis | UK, Jordan | 2014 | 108 minutes Netflix | Amazon Video | GoWatchIt In a true story of the war in Afghanistan, Jake Smith finds a director worth watching and a film that renders the horrors of war with terrifying efficacy. A British soldier in Afghanistan receives a birthday […]

Review: CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY–Now Streaming on Fandor

Review: On Demand Streaming Crimes Against Humanity | Jerzy Rose | USA | 2014 | 77 min Now Streaming on Fandor» If you missed Crimes Against Humanity at the 2014 Wisconsin Film Festival (and you probably did, it screened during the first Wisconsin vs. Kentucky Final Four matchup), now is a good time to catch up with […]

Now Streaming: Watch 23 David Koepp Films on Amazon, Netflix, Vudu, YouTube

Streaming Quick Picks: David Koepp The Wisconsin’s Own portion of each year’s Wisconsin Film Festival puts the spotlight on films from Wisconsin filmmakers. Before the Festival releases its schedule later this week, UW Cinematheque will be paying tribute to a Wisconsin filmmaker too, in form of a visit from versatile and prolific screenwriter/director David Koepp. A Pewaukee […]

Missed Madison Review: THE TWO FACES OF JANUARY–Watch Now Streaming, DVD, Blu-Ray

Missed Madison: Now Streaming The Two Faces of January | Hossein Amini | UK/France/USA | 2014 | 96 min Amazon Instant | Netflix | GoWatchIt | Four Star | Madison Public Library Despite its pedigree and promise of intrigue, this “Missed Madison” selection disappoints more than it entertains. While it has an enjoyable score and a stylish look, this […]

Now Streaming: Watch 9 Michael Mann Films on Netflix, Amazon

Streaming Quick Picks: Michael Mann His is a cinema of the sly and the stylish, and whether it’s in the form of the sprawling Heat and Public Enemies or the sleeker Thief and Collateral, the arrival of a new Michael Mann film in theaters always fills me with anticipation. As Blackhat is in theaters now, it […]

Streaming Quick Picks: Bong Joon-ho

Streaming Quick Picks: Bong Joon-ho As Jim and I have begun to discuss our “best films of the year” list (it’s never too early, right?), we have also been evaluating our selections for our Madfilm Meetups. Where the latter is concerned, one of my personal favorites would have to be Snowpiercer, from director Bong Joon-ho. Even […]

Streaming Quick Picks: Billy Wilder

Streaming Quick Picks: Billy Wilder The UW Cinematheque recently showcased two Billy Wilder films, Sunset Boulevard (or Sunset Blvd. for credits purists, 1950) and Fedora (1978), so we thought that some of you might want to follow up and see what Wilder films are currently available on streaming video. Wilder directed and co-wrote (with writing […]

Streaming Quick Picks: Christopher Nolan & Matthew McConaughey

Streaming Quick Picks: Christopher Nolan & Matthew McConaughey This week, with Interstellar as our Madfilm Meetup, we here at the Madison Film Forum are giving you two artists for the price of one. Christopher Nolan We’ll start out with Christopher Nolan, a filmmaker who has made nine features whose epic nature (since Batman Begins, anyway) and […]

Streaming Quick Picks: Johnnie To

Streaming Quick Picks: Johnnie To While we often tie these posts into our Madfilm Meetups or any number of programs from other local venues, there are times when we want to highlight other filmmakers outside of events in a theater near you. This week, we look at the work of Hong Kong director Johnnie To Kei-Fung. When […]